Introduction to Fuzzy Logic

It may be a bit fuzzy for you. Normally logic works on two value 1 or 0, true or false, high or low etc. In the Aristotelian view too, logic dealt with two values. For eg : the color of an apple is either red or not. But the chance for the apple to be both red and not red was not satisfied with this view. Many scientists came with their views. In the early 20th century, Jan Lukasiewicz came with a three-valued logic (true, possible, false), which never gained wide acceptance.

In 1965, Lotfi A.Zadeh of the University of California at Berkeley published “Fuzzy Sets,” which put over the mathematics of fuzzy set theory and, by extension, fuzzy logic. He recognized that conventional computer logic has no ability to process data that are subjective or vague, so he created fuzzy logic to allow computers to determine the variations among data with shades of gray, similar to a process of human reasoning. Earlier fuzzy logic was readily accepted in Japan, China, and other Asian countries even though it was ignored by the US and European countries. Now consumer products using fuzzy logic, such as washing machines, camcorders, microwave ovens and dozens of other kinds of electrical and electronic products are plenty.

introduction fuzzylogic

Fuzzy logic works in the human brain too. Human brain aggregate data and form a number of partial truths which its aggregate further into higher truths which in turn, when certain thresholds are exceeded, cause certain further results. It says the ‘degree of truthiness’.It deals with the following range of possibilities between a yes or no. CERTAINLY YES, POSSIBLY YES, CANNOT SAY, POSSIBLY NO, CERTAINLY NO. If we take an example of Air Conditioner, the system will sense the room temperature and fuzzifier will calculate the target temperature of the room based on some rules defined by fuzzy logic.

Why Fuzzy logic?

Fuzzy can take any input including imprecise, distorted, noisy input information and it provides s solution to complex problem as it resembles to human reasoning and decision making. In this way, fuzzy logic make our life simpler.

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